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    PHULE-PHULE, DHOLE-DHOLE, A Tagore Song Karaoke in Wiki-Bengali


    by bytesip

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    A great song in Wiki-Bengali karaoke format from the greatest Indian Poet Tagore.

    Inspired by the melody of a Scottish song 'Ye Banks And Braes' of the poet Robert Burns Tagore wrote this song in 1882. In the original, Robert Burns describes a love-lost girl as she wanders by the banks of the river Doon.

    Karaoke d'une belle chanson en Wiki-bengali de Tagore le plus grand poète indien.
    Inspiré par la mélodie de «Ye Banks and Braes of Doon, une viellie chanson écossaise du poète Robert Burns Tagore a écrit cette chanson en 1882. Dans l'original, Robert Burns décrit une jeune fille decue en amour comme elle erre par les banques de la rivière Doon.

    Phule phule đhole đhole, bôhe kiba mridu bay.
    Toţini hillol tule, kôllole choliya jay.
    Piko kiba kunje kunje, piko kiba kunje kunje, kuhu kuhu kuhu gay.
    Ki jani kishero lagi, pranô kôre hay-hay.

    ফুলে ফুলে ঢ'লে ঢ'লে বহে কিবা মৃদু বায়,
    তটিনী হিল্লোল তুলে কল্লোলে চলিয়া যায়
    পিক কিবা কুঞ্জে কুঞ্জে কুহূ কুহূ কুহূ গায়,
    কি জানি কিসেরি লাগি প্রাণ করে হায় হায়!

    Flowers sway amorously, as the gentle breeze blows by;
    A little boat in lilting smiles, creating ripples passes by;
    Cuckoo birds sing coo-hoo--coo-hoo, on the tree-tops high;
    But alas I-I cannot find, why-why does my soul sigh-sigh.

    For karaoke, wiki-bengali Roman phonetic script is preferrable because of the great influence the Wikipedia and the Internet. Wiki-Bengali uses extended roman script-set to avoid ambiguity between open and closed e, open and closed o, dental and retroflex t etc.
    Some guidance on wiki-bengali can be found here:

    Some wiki-bengali characters:
    o: (mon=mind) as in English go
    ô: (môt=opinion) as in pot in British English
    e: (tel=oil) as in English met
    ê: (gêlo=went) as 'a' in English bat
    y: (kôyla=coal)as in English boy (I use y if there is clear 'য়' sound, using e/- may create confusion with e)
    ~: (chãd=moon) nasalization (chandrobindu) of vowels, as in pão(-bread) in portuguese.
    ţ: (ţano=pull) as in English table (without aspiration)
    t: (tôkon-then) as in French tu
    đ: (đim=(eggr) as in English dog
    d: (dôl=party) as in Spanish adios

    To create this karaoke file, I have used Linux software. Some of the useful software for this purpose are:
    1. Karlyriceditor (synchronising the words and built-in rendering)
    2. Audacity (audio editing)
    3. Gimp (image creation and manipulation)
    4. ffmpeg (video encoding and transcoding).

    I do not own this song. I have created this word-synchronised karaoke version without vocals of this old Tagore song for educational purpose only.