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    Bane's voice comparison (IMAX prologue vs. Final film)

    Steve Richter

    by Steve Richter

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    Worst movie. Bane, worst character with lame voice and no personality. Terrible and un-plausible plot. The special fx were excellent and nearly flawless. The Hans Zimmer soundtrack was epic. Nolan's directing is always great. But the plot and length of the movie made it like an exercise in patience. Memento and inception are where Nolan's talent truly shines. Enough of these comic book hero movies already. How many rehashes of these characters are we going to be bombarded with?
    By dm_51cf1391f38072 years ago
    Becky Watkins
    The current voice is way better than the original. The original is hard to understand. I love the current voice more than my face.
    By Becky Watkins3 years ago
    Please like this page i just made :--
    lets get both voices put into the DVD/ Blueray
    The fire rises brothers
    By kevwinter3 years ago