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    Classic Game Room - RESIDENT EVIL: THE UMBRELLA CHRONICLES review for PS3


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles review. Classic Game Room reviews RESIDENT EVIL THE UMBRELLA CHRONICLES from Capcom for the PlayStation 3, a shooter-on-rails arcade style video game that takes place during some of the iconic scenes from Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 3. Five lengthy campaign missions that are playable one or two player make this a solid investment from the PlayStation Network that packs hours of fun and challenge. Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles was originally released on the Nintendo Wii in 2007, this version for the PS3 has enhanced visuals and plays with the PS Move controller. The under utilized PlayStation Move has few games that use it effectively, this is one of the better ones (although response isn't as good as it is in House of the Dead to be honest). Aim, shoot and waste zombies as you play through some of your favorite Resident Evil games with the good looking protagonists in tight pants in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.