Certified Gangstas Jim Jones The Game

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by Lvick

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Clip video rap : Certified Gangstas - Jim Jones feat. Cam'ron & The Game


By ginji 6 years ago
This shit is not even funny at best. DOn't get my words confused with Twittering, Boi Its Blood Real, REall Shottas, These Niggas acting Like Larenz Tate, I know REal O Dogs, NIggas Like C Murder Yall, These Boys need Grammys, Tried to run up on me Like I was B Rad, Nigga Im G U CC I, Yeah, Now Put it together and tell ya broad if she got it on drop it off, matter of fact drop it like its hot, who selling my shit on the street, yall need to see me at Phipps, Before I bring Russia To the US, and Yes I the Best, The Rest Managing My assets, The Rest on some Homo Shit watching Me WHile I rest, But I Don't Rest, Chest working when Im Hurting, Hol On.......... Bring It Baack. Thats Yardy Yahr, Lauren I Ready To Rol, whassup GEt Control Not Like Janet Jack, But Dickinson, Snort Snort, No No, Work Work, Or Make them do what it do, sssssoooo sweet, Yet so discreet, Gotta be Gucci By Gucci, Yeeeah, Yeeeeah O O O O, What a Coinky Dink, Whattup Original Black Ethiopia Mafia Fam.
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
midwest crip gang ma ass
By liketom67 6 years ago
fag interenet gangsters LMAO
u all fags
fuk internet gansters
By liketom67 6 years ago
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