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    Husband Dies After Rape By 6 Wives

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    Husband Dies After Rape By 6 Wives - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Any man that dreams of having multiple wives or spouses may want to be rethink that fantasy. A Nigerian man was found dead in an extreme case of spousal revenge. The male, a prosperous businessman in Eastern Nigeria had 6 wives.

    Last week, he decided to sped that particular night in the youngest wife's room, however the session was interrupted by his 5 other marital partners. The women armed with sticks and knives demanded that he has sex with all of them. The man declined to participate, but was soon overpowered and the ‘sex march’ began, starting with the youngest woman. He quit breathing once it was the fifth bride’s turn, causing many to call the incident a rape. Two of the 6 wives have been arrested so far.

    In another incident involving a wife’s revenge, a Russian woman, upset over her spouse not showering, hit him in the head with an iron, then used the cord to strangle him. She then went on to dissect the body and spread his parts in the nearby woods.