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    Arthur Penn's Dead Of Winter (1987) Part II

    Vampira Maila Nurmi

    par Vampira Maila Nurmi

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    Sorry, but Part I deleted by Dalymotion!!!
    ...Back at the house, she demands to know what is going on. Dr. Lewis pretends her imagination is running wild. Katie realizes that Mr. Murray has drugged her hot chocolate, and she returns to her room, barricading the door with a mound of furniture before she passes out. As she sleeps, Mr. Murray enters her room from behind her full-length mirror. Katie wakes up in a fresh sleeping gown with a bandaged hand. She peels off the bandages to find that her left ring finger has been removed. Seeing that her barricade is undisturbed, Katie quickly finds the door behind the mirror and sees a staircase to the attic, which has a working phone. She calls Rob and explains that they are going to kill her. Rob asks where she is, but Katie can only remember vague landmarks about the drive upstate. Rob orders her to hang up the phone and call the police, which she does. As she collapses on a sofa, she sees the body of Julia Ross being eaten by a rat. Mr. Murray arrives and rips the handset out of the phone, taking her back downstairs to Dr. Lewis.
    As Dr. Lewis redresses her finger, he explains that Julia was involved in a vicious family feud with her sister, Evelyn. As a radical therapy, Dr. Lewis had convinced her to blackmail her sister, theorizing that it would help her achieve a catharsis. He was pleased with Julia's progress, but did not expect Evelyn to kill her, ordering the hit man to take her finger as proof. During his explanation, the police arrive. Dr. Lewis has just sedated Katie, and the combination of the sedative which confuses Katie and Dr. Lewis' claim that she is his patient convince the police to leave without much of an investigation. Meanwhile, Rob and Roland have begun to drive upstate, using the handful of clues they have to try to locate Katie.
    When Katie wakes again, Evelyn is standing over her. Dr. Lewis is displaying Katie to prove that Julia is still alive and continue the blackmail. Katie slowly emerges from the sedative as Mr. Murray returns her to her room. Awake again, she fakes an escape attempt, luring Dr. Lewis and Mr. Murray out of the house. She pleads with Evelyn to help her escape, but Evelyn is convinced she is really Julia and attacks her. Katie kills Evelyn and poses as her to try to escape. When Mr. Murray realizes the ruse, Katie stabs him in the neck. Dr. Lewis is also not fooled by the disguise and lunges out of his wheelchair at Katie. Using a fire poker as a crutch, he follows her upstairs and eventually into the attic, where Katie manages to kill him. Rob and Roland arrive with the police, who they had convinced to revisit the house...
    Directed by Arthur Penn
    Music by Richard Einhorn
    Mary Steenburgen as Julie Rose/Katie McGovern/Evelyn
    Roddy McDowall as Mr. Murray
    Jan Rubeš as Dr. Joseph Lewis
    William Russ as Rob Sweeney
    Release Date: 6 February 1987 (USA)
    Filming Locations: Ontario, Canada
    © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) | © United Artists