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    Ducted Refrigerated Cooling Melbourne

    Staying cool in hot climates requires either a refrigerated air conditioner or an evaporative cooling.

    There is no substitute of fresh air and your comfort during hot days

    Refrigerated air conditioning processess the air in an apartment, removing the heat from it and sends it outside while returning cool air throughout the premises by means of various ducts or wall mounted units.

    Refrigerated air conditioning requires the use of refrigerants that produce emissions, making it somewhat less eco-friendly than evaporative air conditioning. Because the mechanical process in Refrigerated air conditioning is more complex, it also uses more energy.

    Nevertheless, refrigeration has its benefits as it is more effective than evaporative air conditioning in high humidity areas, and it is better for people with allergies.However, as a whole, Refrigerated air conditioning is rather more expensive in terms of installation, maintenance and electricity costs.

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