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PURANO SHEI DINER KOTHA - Karaoke in Wiki Bengali of a Tagore Song

6 years ago960 views



Tagore's adaptation of the Scottish Song Auld Lang Syne. It shows Tagore's brilliance of capturing the spirit of a foreign song by a new set lyrics which has completetly naturalised the song in a new environment and blended seamlessly with the imagery and emotions of rural Bengal. The original song, either in Scottish dialect or in standard English, is usually sung on the special occasion of the New Year Eve. But Tagore's 'Purano Shei Diner Kotha', a remembrance of the old friendship, is sung throughout the year and is extremely popular amongst amateurs and professionals alike.

In this Wiki-Bengali karaoke I have also included, at the end, two stanzas of the Auld Lang Syne in English.

Purano shei diner kôtha bhulbi kire hay
O shei chokher dêkha praner kôtha sheiki bhola jay.

Ay arektibar ayre shôkha praner majhe ay,
Mora shukher dukher kôtha kôbo pran jurabe tai.

Mora bhorer bêlay phul tulechi dulechi dolay,
Bajie bãshi gan geyechhi bokuler tôlay.

Hay majhe holo chharachhari gelem ke kothay,
Abar dêkha jodi]holo shôkha praner majhe ay.

পুরানো সেই দিনের কথা ভুলবি কি রে হায়।
ও সেই চোখে দেখা,প্রাণের কথা,সে কি ভোলা যায়।
আয় আর একটিবার আয় রে সখা,প্রাণের মাঝে আয়।
মোরা সুখের দুখের কথা কবপ্রাণ জুড়াবে তায়।
মোরা ভোরের বেলা ফুল তুলেছি,দুলেছি দোলায়--
বাজিয়ে বাঁশি গান গেয়েছি বকুলের তলায়।
হায় মাঝে হল ছাড়াছাড়ি,গেলেম কে কোথায়--
আবার দেখা যদি হল,সখা,প্রাণের মাঝে আয়॥

For karaoke in Roman script, the standard of Wiki-Bengali is preferable because of the huge influence the Wikipedia and the Internet. It is phonetic, easy to follow and very faithful to the present day standard pronunciation.

Wiki-Bengali uses extended Latin script-set to avoid ambiguity between open and closed e, open and closed o, dental and retroflex t etc.,

Some guidance on wiki-bengali can be found here:

Some characters:
o: (mon=mind) as in English go
ô: môt=opinion) as in pot in British English
e: (tel=oil) as in English met
ê: (gêlo=went) as 'a' in English bat
y: (kôyla=coal)as in English boy (I use y if I hear a clear 'য়'(yô) sound, as e/- may create confusion with e)
~: (chãd=moon) nasalization of vowels, as in Portuguese pão (=bread)
ţ: (ţano=pull) as in English table (without aspiration)
t: (tôkon-then) as in French petite
đ: (đakat=robber) as in English dog
d: (dôl=party) as in italian domani(=tomorrow)

To make this karaoke file, I have used Linux software. Some the the useful software for this purpose are:
1. Karlyriceditor (synchronising words and lyrics )
2. Audacity (audio editing)
3. Gimp (images creation and manipulation)
4. ffmpeg (video encoding and transcoding).

I do not own this song. I have created this word-synchronised karaoke file without vocals of this old Tagore song for educational purpose only.

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