'A friendly and disciplined son', says father of murdered student Anuj Bidve

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Anuj Bidve's father Subhash Bidve speaks outside Parliament alongside Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP


XtremeInformation, 45 Fouborts Place, Oxford Street London.

Racists are given the freedom to be Racists
By Bhthakur last year
The reality is Anuj Bidve was racist.
By Bhthakur last year
In Year 2008, At XtremeInformation 45, Foubort Place Purnima Sonavane and others were racist towards and Indian and pushed him into depression.

Was that something to be proud of . Samaritans the UK Organization knows the truth
By Bhthakur last year
Before Bidve was Killed, A women from India and from the community of Anuj Bive named Purnima Sonavane used 4 People 1. Carlton Montano 2. Bini redda 3. Jatinder Toor 4. Malgorzata Witskowa. Together all the 5 people pushed an Indian boy into Depression for ever and made him lose his job.

Was that Good? To be Racist towards your own indians for India.
By Bhthakur last year