La vidéo que Canal + à censuré sur Youtube (Guignols de l'info - négrophobie reflétée avec Barak Obama)

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Mise à jour N°1 : J'ai "disputé" la plainte de Canal +, donc entre temps la vidéo est à nouveau visible (25/07).
(English translation)
Well how you wanted me to do MAN?
I put the CIA, the FBI, the CSA, my best agents of the secret services on the "job", nobody was able to give me the "area code" of this Tulle MAN!
Well Tule is a FUCKING "lost country" MAN, I can tell you that if Ben Laden did hide in Tulle we wouldn't have found him!
(Note: the grammatical unconvential speech, or vernacular, cannot really be translated into English but to give you an idea it's kind of like Obama was talking "Ebonics" or a "improper" English. But the icing on the cake, besides him repeatedly saying "man", is him saying "FUCKING"...)