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    Stratosphere skydiver Felix Baumgartner


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    Stratosphere skydiver Felix Baumgartner training sessions to break the world record by jumping free fall at least 120,000 feet above the earth; that’s higher than Lockheed’s U2 spyplane (85,000 feet) and almost as high as where the space shuttle booster rockets would separate after launch (150,000 feet)
    Felix Baumgartner made skydiving history Thursday by jumping from 71,580 feet -- or more than 13 miles above earth -- and setting a world free-fall speed record of 364.4 mph.He became the third person to jump Kittinger jumped from a balloon Aug. 16, 1960, at an altitude of 102,900 feet, and fell for almost five minutes before opening a parachute to slow his descent at 18,000 feet.
    He made history for the highest-balloon ascent, the highest parachute jump and the fastest speed by a human through the atmosphere.from the same altitude and survive. The others were Russia's Eugene Andreev and American Joseph Kittinger, who accomplished their feats in the 1960s.