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"Create Some Tricks" JEFF HAMMERTON (Full Part 1)

il y a 6 ans651 views

"I was planning on putting together a part with all of my tricks after I had about 20. So this is it. Will probably keep doing it this way. I made the song like a year ago and hadn't used it for anything yet. I'll make it downloadable for anybody that may want it. If you want to see any of the tricks in detail I have each of them on my channel in their own individual videos ."

Editing - Jeff Hammerton
Song - "Run" Jeff Hammerton
Skating - Jeff Hammerton
Filming - Kyle Gray, Whitney Wells, Phil Hammerton, Trusty Tripod
Cameras - VX1000, Canon T2i, Canon 7D

Location - Castle Rock SkatePark, Parker SkatePark, Denver SkatePark, Colorado