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    The Seventh Movement The Championships at Wimbledon


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    There really is no other place like Wimbledon.
    The Ivy. The grass. The roof. The rain. The grunting. The victories. The silence. The cheers. And then more rain.
    We walked in as the timelapse team. We left ready to hit the courts back in the states...headbands and all.
    You always feel like that though. When we were on the aircraft carrier, we wanted to be pilots. At the X-Games, we wanted to skate again. At Le Mans, it was racing and at Mavericks, it was surfing. But when your first tennis experience is an all access pass to the most prestigious tournament in the world, who can blame us for ordering rackets to the house at the airport as we were leaving London. Its true. There is no place like Wimbledon. Its a place that seems to never age. Maybe its the photos of MacEnroe and Sampras on the walls. The hallways where dozens of champions have won and lost. Maybe its because the most famous tennis players casually walk and hang out around town. People camp overnight for ground's passes. They pile on Murray Mound to watch the big screen. The moment you walk through those gates, its like entering a place that time hasn't touched. To be honest, it was the best way to get someone hooked on a sport.

    Timelapse was our focus and that was all we did for 10 days. During the day we shot and tried to stay out of everyones way. At night after the sun went down, it was preparing the shots for broadcast the next day. It was a grind and a hustle but watching your work air on TV the next day makes it all worth it.

    This short film was produced by Steve Lawrence and ESPN for the 126th Wimbledon Championships.

    Big huge thanks to the following people that inspired us and encouraged us.
    J-Fred, Sweeney, Stevie, Cory, Matti, Twz, Sammy, Jamie, Joalin, Ricky, Leslie, Mark, Rory, Lacy, Candace, Whitney, Tim, Freddie, Marco

    Shot on the new Stage One Motion Control System from Dynamic Perception ( )
    Shot on the new Omni Tracker Motorized HD Dolly System ( )

    Music from:

    1. The Orb of Dreamers - Little Big Music ( )
    2. Greenland - Emancipator ( )
    3. The Night Before You Came - Paresse ( )
    4. Stratus - Pablo ( )
    5. Hardest Geometry Problem in the World - Mark Mothersbaugh ( )
    6. Monday - Jon Brion ( )
    7. Sharp Little Guy - Mark Mothersbaugh ( )