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    NightLife's "Cleveland Tech Report" - Showing the VERY FIRST Betamax & How it Worked!

    Ray Glasser

    by Ray Glasser

    Here is another "Cleveland Tech Report" that I produced for Kerry Decker's "NightLife" cable-TV show that he produced and aired in the 1980s. This show is an in-depth look at the very first Betamax, which was sold by Sony in late 1975....the LV-1901. It was known as the "Betamax Console" because it was a console - a 19" Sony Trinitron TV coupled with a Betamax VCR that recorded up to 1 hour. It also had 2 TV tuners, so you could watch one channel while recording another channel at the same time! This show was produced in 1985. (I still have this unit, but both the TV and Betamax are broken).