1 Litre of Tears Ep.8-4/4

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1 Litre of Tears Ep.8-4/4

Have fun watching!


. i still love to watch this even if i have had watch this a million times ... i really love Nishikado Ryou .. He looks exactly like my bestfriend named Tenshi ... :]] Love them !
By MizukiRyu 4 years ago
Oh my God. i really can't stop my tears...... Thanks Kitakita.....
By JocyBustamante 5 years ago
hmm yeah so sad i love asou-kun so much his loving but i think that all of you should see the real girl who had this disease cause i feel so sorry for her
By kaylah_tam 5 years ago
Omgsh. The quote at the end is always so sad.
I LOVE THIS! It makes me cry so much.
I can't believe I never watched this earlier.
-sniffsniff- T_T
By iluvwaffles 5 years ago
geez, after Ayas' speech, i can't help but cry too much.huhu..

then here goes Assou, taking the lead of making a heroic goodbye to Aya(makes me cry even more).,,so touching..
How i wish i could have a classmates like them. esp. Assou... so thoughtful..then singing their class song..
if i were Aya, that would be the best memory i could keep as long as i live
By shaman0897 5 years ago