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    Dear Entrepreneur...YOU Built That...


    by The504Experts

    Chris Hurn, CEO and Cofounder of Mercantile Capital Corporation, has a handful of things to talk about in this week's video blog — Mercantile's record-breaking first six months of the year, the results of the Social Madness competition, and his recent nomination as a Top 100 Small Business Influencer — but the bulk of this video is spent on what President Obama said recently about business owners.

    From Chris: At the risk of saying things you've already heard, said or thought yourself, I simply MUST share my take on our President saying that if you own a business, "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT." And I'll be very interested to hear you opinion about it, too.

    To vote for Chris as a 2012 Small Business Influencer, go to before August 5th!