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    Blakeney Bridge | Wine Security and Humidity


    by BlakeneyBridgeWine2

    Blakeney Bridge - Wine should be stored only where the humidity level can be constantly maintained above 70%, and below 80%.It is important to store wine at 13-14 degrees Celsius and to keep that temperature constant for the entire period of its storage. The store should also be well ventilated.Your wine should be laid down away from light, and where it can be free from vibrations. your wine must be physically and financially secure. In case of loss, your investment must be appropriately covered.The best wine storage facilities are where a wine can be laid down in a quiet, dark, relatively humid place free from contaminants, and where temperature and humidity are maintained at a constant level.Storage is a critical stage in the life of your wine, and you must never take anything for granted with it if you want to ensure that your wines are matured to perfection. Please Visit for More Details: