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Mark Allerton
I tried too its true hes real
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Lisa Swanson
I used and had terrific results. I made my money and he is usa based so I could speak to him by phone. I will be using him again every chance I get
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hacker0907 myno
Bởi hacker0907 mynoTháng bảy vừa qua
Marcozhellen WU transfer email plz.
Bởi MarcozhellenTháng sáu vừa qua
Free Money
The credit system has a major flaw and I have found it!

Looking for people to work with in any state. I have the ability to get credit cards in any name sent to any address in 7 days. Hence why I need help. Each card has $300 on it and there are 2 cards. That's $600! Each card allows you to take off $150, but since ATM's are only in increments of $20, $140 can be taken out at the ATM. That's $280! I am only asking for $180, which I want sent in bitcoins only. These cards are 100% working, even after ATM withdrawal. So that leaves you with $100 cash and money left on card! I have multiple cashout methods or just spend the remaining balance at stores.

What I need:

*Willing and trusting partners to give me addresses to send the cards to. (remember addresses must be valid, and you must have the ability to check the mail) If you need help on how to get addresses, just ask.

*Partner must have a bitcoin wallet set up through localbit (I will have to verify it)

*Give me as many addresses as you can!!

Ask about my tell a friend program!

if interested: free.money1 at
ICQ: 690312285
Bởi Free MoneyTháng sáu vừa qua
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