Benny Hinn Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

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Piglips is right - there is nothing wrong with Christianity - it's Christians that are the problem. So many people either out of greed or perhaps just simple misdirection have transformed what was a unadorned, benevolent belief system into something that Christ would not recognize. The basic tenets of Christianity are simple: love, peace, tolerance and generosity, but mankind has changed them over the centuries to fit their own particular agenda whether it be for selfish acquisition or a canon of their own making to fit their world view. I do believe that every man should be able to interpret Christianity to integrate into his life, but within a rather rigid structure and with very little latitude so as not to completely alter the word of Christ. I love the bumper sticker phrase – Christ is coming back – and boy, is he pissed’. I kinda get this-he cannot be very happy with what we have done in these ensuing 2000 years; especially those things done in his name that are malicious,
Par jhr459 Il y a 6 ans

Benny Hinn, évangéliste ou escroc de la foi ?

Ces 16 et 17 novembre 2007, le télévangéliste américain Benny Hinn tiendra des réunions dans une grande salle de conférences de la région parisienne. Il est regardé par certains comme un grand serviteur de Dieu et par d'autres comme un escroc de la foi.
Emmanuel Bozzi - pasteur
Par lou vatican Il y a 8 ans
I hate Christianity because they always have a problem with people worship the Devil as their god.
Par krayziek66 Il y a 8 ans
Nothing wrong with Christianity. Just the charlatans who steal money from those believers by doing magic acts onstage.
Par Pig Lips Il y a 8 ans
This is so fake...
This gives Christianity a bad name!
Par christianprophetess19 Il y a 8 ans