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    Lord "SHIVA" Powerful Temples

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    Shiva beckons sweetly... Shiva inspires awe.
    Shiva is the foremost of ascetics... Shiva, the greatest of lovers.
    Shiva spells the cosmic dance... yet Shiva signifies the wordless silence. Shiva is the Lord of time... but Shiva is eternal.
    Shiva is infinite... yet Shiva manifest everywhere.

    From the great heights of Kailas to the golden sands of Rameswaram, millions of hearts overflow with devout supplication to the deity who spans the opposites and shows the way to transcendence.

    * Lord Shiva - Initiation into Meditation quietly takes you into the heart of Shiva through the multifarious significances of Shiva's many aspects and attributes. Even as the magic of the evening sky summons one to the mystery and profundity of the star-spangled heavens, through hanunting visuals and meditative music this video leads the viewer into the ineffable essence of Shiva. Watching the waves of the sea and staring at the horizon gives one a sense of infinity... the swell and current of Shiva contemplation silence the mind and leads it into the rearfied universe of the deity. Meditation on the eight forms of Shiva, a journey through the jyotirlingas and reflection on the oneness that animates all forms, based on authentic Vedic and Sanskrit sources are clinching visual-aural tracts of lasting beauty.