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    MW3 Wii - HACKED PUBLIC MATCH - Prestige Lobby or Leave Toxic?

    Alexis Law

    by Alexis Law

    MW3 hadn't been out for long. This was recorded in December 2011. The hack allows everyone to spawn in one cluster and the hacker to be right beside your team, along with the rest of his team. Two things could happen if you stay in a match like this, you're going to walk out TOXIC or it may be a prestige lobby. You never know. Thing is, they are STILL DOING IT.

    What I said in Dec:

    "Yeah I'm putting you on blast. This is bullshit. Private matches I don't care about. But to pub stomp hack... GFY.

    With love, a virtual middle finger"

    . it was 1am, LOL, my early recording days, roxio, headbanger.