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    Baby Sloth Assisted By Teddy Bear During Feeding

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    by Geo Beats

    Baby Sloth Assisted By Teddy Bear During Feeding - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Among humans as well as animals, it's critical that the young ones have ample nurturing from their mothers.

    So when that wasn't possible for a baby sloth, its caretakers came up with a creative solution - having a teddy bear to pitch in.

    Burgers' Zoo in Netherlands is this baby sloths' home.

    For those who may not have heard about sloths, they are gangly and somewhat awkward-looking but their bodies are perfectly suited to their lives, spent almost entirely in the branches of trees. They usually move very slowly and rest for long periods of time.

    For the baby sloth in Netherlands, she wasn't getting sufficient milk from the mother and had to be fed by a tube but since sloths like to feel their mother's fur while feeding, zookeepers had to find an alternate source.

    After trying many teddy bears that were rejected by the baby sloth, she started to like a particular teddy bear provided by a zookeeper's daughter and that's her companion now during feeding time.

    What do you think about sloths? Have you ever seen one before?