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    Woman Calls 911 Due to Unflattering Mugshot

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    Woman Calls 911 Due to Unflattering Mugshot - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Emergency operators are trained to deal with highly stressful and dangerous situations, but what about the petty, pointless calls? Those insignificant phone calls to 911 landed a Georgia woman in jail. Tonya Fowler saw her own mugshot from a prior arrest appear in a publication of ‘Bad and Busted’ and called 911 to convey her displeasure with the photo. That wasn’t the only recent emergency call from the woman; she had called earlier to request personal items be stored from the home she was evicted from. Fowler was arrested and charged with unlawful use of 911, allowing her to get another chance for a more flattering picture.

    In another brazen 911 call, an elderly Oklahoma City man, Clyde Hobbs called emergency officials 17 times in one day!. The 72 year old reportedly made sexually suggestive and crude comments every time he called. A Florida man recently had his name added to the long list of 911 abusers. The 47 year old male called emergency personnel to complain that he wasn’t allowed to bring his kitten into a strip club.