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    Over 200 Chihuahuas Rescued

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    by Geo Beats

    Over 200 Chihuahuas Rescued - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Police and state dog wardens raided a home in Pennsylvania where they found some 200 Chihuahua dogs while they were carrying out a search warrant. A few of the animals were found dead and others were in critical condition. The dogs have been removed from the residence and taken to an emergency clinic at the Farm Show complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where they will be nursed to full health by veterinarians and put up for adoption. Most of the dogs appeared to be okay, but others had various problems including eye and skin irritations. The condition of the home where the astounding number of dogs were being kept is reported as being unsanitary, and authorities are still determining if animal cruelty charges will be filed.

    In a bizarre case of animal cruelty, a man in Georgia was arrested for beating his wife with her Pomeranian dog after kicking and stomping it to death. Both the husband and wife have been arrested, because she didn’t cooperate with the police investigation into the matter.