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    Avatier Identity Enforcer Product Introduction

    Mary Marshall

    by Mary Marshall

    Avatier designs and develops industry leading identity management enterprise solutions for user provisioning, access certification, enterprise risk management, and self-service password reset. Identity Enforcer lets you put identity and access management in the hands of business users.

    Avatier Identity Enforcer is the world's first IT store for self-service provisioning and automated user provisioning workflow. With Identity Enforcer business users can request and receive access to the assets and applications they need via Avatier’s access management software. With the IT Store, business users can request and receive provisioning as easy as shopping online.

    With the world's first IT store, this user provisioning software can automate the most common user account provisioning tasks, which frees IT staff to focus on more critical IT cyber security threats. Identity Enforcer deprovisions as well by providing audit controls for provisioning users and managing terminations. Upon termination, Identity Enforcer automatically disables access provisioning across all systems ensuring a company is safeguarded against cyber security risks.