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PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 to Be Blessed with Mods


by TheGamerAccess

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PC gaming has two distinctive advantages over current generation video game consoles: hardware upgrades and mods. With PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 anticipated to release within the next couple years, one, if not both, of these factors will no longer be exclusive to the PC, enriching the overall gameplay experience for console gamers.

As one who has been a part of the gaming industry for over four years, I have made connections with some of the industry's pioneers and thanks to one of these unnamed sources, I have been provided with a few brief details on what is being worked on within the headquarters of both Sony and Microsoft for their next-generation consoles.

Watch as I provide you, the audience, with the inside scoop on what to expect come time for us to head to our local retailer to purchase the next PlayStation and/or Xbox. I then encourage you all to comment with your thoughts within the comments section!

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Grand Theft ATLAS FTW
By BrickBuster2552 3 years ago
Yay mods!
By knownware 3 years ago
Where is all of the softcore pornography? I didn't know dailymotion hosted legitimate videos!
By Hilariousity2 3 years ago
Zero interest in PC gaming. Consoles all the way. Mods seems cool but I have zero interest in having to make sure my console is fully upgraded so that I am able to play the newest game. I already spent $400 on my console. I don't want to spend hundreds more every year just to make sure I can keep playing current games. I know this video doesn't touch on the possibility of used games no longer working on a second console but I will most likely be priced right out of gaming if these things take effect. It sucks to be a lifelong gamer staring down the barrel of having to find a new hobby.
By jimmmyjammmes 3 years ago