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PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 to Be Blessed with Mods


by TheGamerAccess

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Grand Theft ATLAS FTW
By BrickBuster2552 3 years ago
Yay mods!
By knownware 3 years ago
Where is all of the softcore pornography? I didn't know dailymotion hosted legitimate videos!
By Hilariousity2 3 years ago
Zero interest in PC gaming. Consoles all the way. Mods seems cool but I have zero interest in having to make sure my console is fully upgraded so that I am able to play the newest game. I already spent $400 on my console. I don't want to spend hundreds more every year just to make sure I can keep playing current games. I know this video doesn't touch on the possibility of used games no longer working on a second console but I will most likely be priced right out of gaming if these things take effect. It sucks to be a lifelong gamer staring down the barrel of having to find a new hobby.
By jimmmyjammmes 3 years ago