L99 is the FBI opposed to the USA & forcing Republicans to do so

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An update about Obamacare, please read the description of class L99 at Vimeo https://vimeo.com/46238993 or You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDRA6XAUYMI, (it's very urgent but don't worry because God is bigger than the FBI is).

Class L99 was made on 7-22-12 in favor of Obamacare. On 10-7-13 I re-wrote this due to Republicans that had the nerve to label themselves as brave TEA PARTY Americans when they are being blatant damn cowards against God and country. On 10-16-13 I proved it at the end.

This is the chronological proof I have that this "Tea Party" is actually the KKK, (when you Know Know Know you are evil as hell and try to paint it as doing the right thing).

[An example of the evil and black magic games the FBI plays with me is a video called THE KLAN TRAILER at Vimeo, they knew I was drinking lemonade and mocking this L99.]

On 6-19-11 I emailed the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to explain to them all the "divine sign" information I have that showed heaven was in favor of Obamacare.

In 9-2011 I show it and explain it in class 167, (@ 13 to 26 min @ Vimeo).
Class 167:
I show a picture of Obama in the 9-5-11 news as a sign that I should read the email I sent to the NRCC. It was to explain that I believe they are opposing something that God is in favor of: Obamacare.

On 6-25-12 I posted class L97 at Vimeo and @ 23 to 31 minutes I reiterate how wrong the Republicans are to oppose Obamacare.

On 7-22-12 I posted this class L99 at Vimeo and @ 9 minutes I show a lady in a devil suit and say to the Republicans "your horns are showing" implying they had crossed the line from being stubborn to being evil in opposing Obamacare.

In class L1c (@ 1 to 3 min) at Vimeo I say I bought the movie THE PENTAGON WARS because it was a sign from heaven of how much money, ($14 billion), the incompetent and evil morons at the FBI have wasted in trying to murder me, (the one). I am very aware of the expensive and illegal games the FBI plays in trying to deceive and/ or kill me & now it's forcing Republicans to oppose Obamacare.

The mass media is identically as 666 evil as the FBI,
see #99 @ 1 to 4 min or
class L123, both at Vimeo:
@ 1:01 is a list of the illegal harassment of my classes.
@ 1:31 is my proof of the media's lying divine signs about 9-11-01 & 12-7-41.

The mass media is as evil as the FBI and that's why I've been boycotting them since January 2007, but on 10-1-13 when I was getting signs about the government shutting down I had to look up the media to see what was going on.

[Another example of how the evil FBI is I had to put earplugs in to block out the music they've been blasting from a radio station outside my window for the last 20 minutes, (trying to stop me from what I'm typing here).]