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L99 is the FBI opposed to the USA & forcing Republicans to do so

5 years ago55 views

An update about Obamacare, please read the description of class L99 at Vimeo or You Tube, (it's very urgent but don't worry because God is bigger than the FBI is).

Class L99 was made on 7-22-12 in favor of Obamacare. On 10-7-13 I re-wrote this due to Republicans that had the nerve to label themselves as brave TEA PARTY Americans when they are being blatant damn cowards against God and country. On 10-16-13 I proved it at the end.

This is the chronological proof I have that this "Tea Party" is actually the KKK, (when you Know Know Know you are evil as hell and try to paint it as doing the right thing).

[An example of the evil and black magic games the FBI plays with me is a video called THE KLAN TRAILER at Vimeo, they knew I was drinking lemonade and mocking this L99.]

On 6-19-11 I emailed the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to explain to them all the "divine sign" information I have that showed heaven was in favor of Obamacare.

In 9-2011 I show it and explain it in class 167, (@ 13 to 26 min @ Vimeo).
Class 167:
I show a picture of Obama in the 9-5-11 news as a sign that I should read the email I sent to the NRCC. It was to explain that I believe they are opposing something that God is in favor of: Obamacare.

On 6-25-12 I posted class L97 at Vimeo and @ 23 to 31 minutes I reiterate how wrong the Republicans are to oppose Obamacare.

On 7-22-12 I posted this class L99 at Vimeo and @ 9 minutes I show a lady in a devil suit and say to the Republicans "your horns are showing" implying they had crossed the line from being stubborn to being evil in opposing Obamacare.

In class L1c (@ 1 to 3 min) at Vimeo I say I bought the movie THE PENTAGON WARS because it was a sign from heaven of how much money, ($14 billion), the incompetent and evil morons at the FBI have wasted in trying to murder me, (the one). I am very aware of the expensive and illegal games the FBI plays in trying to deceive and/ or kill me & now it's forcing Republicans to oppose Obamacare.

The mass media is identically as 666 evil as the FBI,
see #99 @ 1 to 4 min or
class L123, both at Vimeo:
@ 1:01 is a list of the illegal harassment of my classes.
@ 1:31 is my proof of the media's lying divine signs about 9-11-01 & 12-7-41.

The mass media is as evil as the FBI and that's why I've been boycotting them since January 2007, but on 10-1-13 when I was getting signs about the government shutting down I had to look up the media to see what was going on.

[Another example of how the evil FBI is I had to put earplugs in to block out the music they've been blasting from a radio station outside my window for the last 20 minutes, (trying to stop me from what I'm typing here).]