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    The Tyler Group Investment strategy

    Winema Gaven

    Winema Gaven

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    Each of the decisions we make are based on our research process. Over the years we have successfully adapted to a changing financial climate and new methodologies in investing.

    Investment Strategy

    The research process is governed by principles. Principles that must be followed to the letter, no short cuts can be taken. By doing this, we give ourselves the best advantage when taking on an investment opportunity.

    Our research process has seen returns on investments year on year. The process we have formed has given us an advantage in the market place, and has been one of the main reasons for our success.

    We can identify any investment opportunities and confidently speculate whether it has the potential to fulfill growth.

    When we find the right company, we can help them achieve their growth by letting them use our ability to help strengthen the weaker areas in the company.