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    William Wordsworth - The River Duddon - Sonnet 04


    by poetictouch

    William Wordsworth - The River Duddon - Sonnet 04 - Read by Phil Benson

    The River Duddon
    A Series Of Sonnets
    Sonnet 04
    by William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

    Take, cradled Nursling of the mountain, take
    This parting glance, no negligent adieu!
    A Protean change seems wrought while I pursue
    The curves, a loosely-scattered chain doth make;
    Or rather thou appear'st a glistering snake,
    Silent, and to the gazer's eye untrue,
    Thridding with sinuous lapse the rushes, through
    Dwarf willows gliding, and by ferny brake.
    Starts from a dizzy steep the undaunted Rill
    Rob'd instantly in garb of snow-white foam;
    And laughing dares the Adventurer, who hath clomb
    So high, a rival purpose to fulfil;
    Else let the Dastard backward wend, and roam,
    Seeking less bold achievement, where he will!