Battlefield 4 Beta A Selling Point of Medal of Honor Warfighter?

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Medal of Honor Warfighter, developed by Danger Close Games, will host access to Electronic Arts' recently announced blockbuster, Battlefield 4 causing fans of the franchise to salivate as they anticipate the latest offering in the Battlefield franchise. With Medal of Honor Warfighter releasing October 23rd of this year, one might think that when they pre-order the title to to obtain access to the limited edition that shortly afterwards they will be able to experience Battlefield 4 for the first time, but this is not the case.

While many deals such as this often require gamers to wait up to a few months, gamers will not be able to experience the beta until a full year afterwards during Fall of 2013. Does the inclusion of the Battlefield 4 beta even make sense with such a long wait after Medal of Honor Warfighter's release? Will the Battlefield 4 beta be used as a selling point for the upcoming first-person shooter? Watch as I discuss the details and how I feel about what Electronic Arts has arranged for both Medal of Honor Warfighter and Battlefield 4.