The Tyler Group: Venture Capital Leaders


by kevinmounts

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In every company that we partner we assign someone that is the best match for their company’s particular needs. The integrated member from our company will have a set of criteria to follow. The reason for this is to get the most out of the management team, providing a strong and solid foundation from the top of the company structure.
By doing this we are growing the management team to become leaders of their company, here are some of the criteria that we set out:
Vision - Demonstrate that a company has a clear vision for the future.
Inspiration - Lead with inspiration as this will infect throughout the company ranks.
Innovation - Don’t become static, keep developing and pushing capabilities.
Decision Making - be strong in the decision making process.
Build Partnerships - Nurture relationships that will benefit the company.
Talent - Get the best team together to reach your goals and make them feel part of something special.


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