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    CGRundertow MARIO KART 64 for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review


    by CGRundertow

    Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Mario Kart 64 from Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. While Super Mario Kart focused more on racing than item use, the roles were reversed for Mario Kart 64. An area in which the game set a standard for future Mario Kart games, items play a central role in Mario Kart 64. It makes Super Mario Kart play like a game of finesse racing in comparison, but unlike newer releases, it didn't go too far, either. Mario Kart 64 established Mario Kart as a racer tilted more toward party game than serious racer, and really, that's how it should be...well, minus the blue shell. This video review features video gameplay footage of Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek