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    Network Marketing Tip Mary Horsman of Cooperative Capitalism shares the Importance of Vocabulary

    In this network marketing tip video Mary Horsman of shares the importance of your vocabulary and how just a few simple words can make a tremendous difference in your life and business.

    We tend to look at our lives and get caught up on the past and what we didn't do. And when that happens what we usually say is "if only". If only I had done this or if only I had done that.

    Next time that you find yourself in that situation instead of saying "if only" replace it with the words "next time". Next time I will do this or next time I will do that.

    By substituting "next time" for "if only" you will change your perspective on your situation. This will allow you to move forward faster with you personal development and in turn your business.

    Holding onto mistakes doesn't help you out, it just slows your progress. If you learn to let go of the mistakes that you've made in the past and say "next time", you'll see yourself improving much quicker than you thought possible.

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