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    Hagstrom Viking – The Famous Guitar from Europe


    by Dmitry

    Hagstrom is a company that started life in the rural town of Älvdalen in Sweden. They are the makers of Hagstrom Viking guitars, one of the most famous guitars on the market. Hagstrom guitars became known as the most sought guitar that came from a European company. It became one of the main guitars used by famous rock band, especially the ones that came from the European scene. Hagstrom Viking guitars came along way from its humble beginnings, where the company first created accordions as their main product.
    Electric solid-body Hagstrom guitars have been produced since 1958. The company had been producing accordions since 1932, so the Hagstrom guitars were a considerable deviation from their usual line.

    The early Hagstrom Deluxe guitar, however, had a sparkling celluloid finish that had long been used on their accordions. Hagstrom soon started making hollow-body guitars along with their solid-body guitars. The Viking and the rather strangely name Jimmy (named after Jimmy D'Aquisto of New York) are early examples of successful Hagstrom hollow-bodied products.