Driving Tax Proposal in California

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Driving Tax Proposal in California - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

No one escapes death and taxes. And as far as taxes go, they come in all flavors from mundane to bizarre.

The newest tax proposal from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in Bay area would impose a driving tax for everyone in the area except for low-income residents.

Under the proposal, drivers would be charged a dime per mile with total tax not to exceed $1,300 in a year. There'd be a device installed in each car to track those miles.

Most certainly, this will cause an outrage among the Bay area residents.

San Jose Mercury News notes that 'Transportation planners know they would have a tough time selling such a radical plan but argue the goal of the so-called VMT or vehicle miles traveled tax is to reduce traffic and pollution while raising revenue needed to fill potholes and bolster public transit service.'

The VMT proposal is early in its process for now and could take years to pass, if that ever happens.

With the increasing urgency surrounding climate change issues and decreasing government revenues, one wonders if other cities will follow.

What do you think about the idea of a driving tax for your city?