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    Bob Stroller


    by 2flmike


    The BOB Stroller is truly a revolution in the stroller industry. It has all the features you want in a jogging stroller and some you probably didn't know you needed.

    One of these features is a lockable front wheel. A swiveling front wheel allows for superior maneuverability when traveling around town. But when you are jogging or on rough terrain you can lock the wheel forward for increased stability.

    It has an easy 2-step folding system,the bob strollers lightweight frame convenient transport and storage. The Bob Stroller weighs about 20 lbs. making loadable in the car by everyone. Although it is lightweight don't think this gives up strength. A reviewer wrote on her experience in a parking lot "The bumper on her car crumpled AROUND the steel frame on the BOB. The steel frame on the BOB saved my sons life. If he had been in a cheaper, less sturdy stroller he might have been crushed".