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    How to Use USB Snakescope Camera


    by electronicsbiggirl


    USB Snakescope Camera

    USB Snakescope Camera

    Flexible inspection and under-the-door video camera for getting into hard-to-reach places (even spying on the next room!). This product is often known as a snakescope camera. With the long and flexible insertion tube, plus adjustable twin LEDs, this product allows you to observe many hard to reach areas such as ceiling plenum's, electrical wall panels, underneath or behind heavy objects etc. Besides which, as both the camera head and cable are waterproof, it even can be used in wet places. With its clip-on magnetic attachment, you can even retrieve lost screws and other metallic items that have dropped out of reach. As usual, our Ankaka low wholesale price makes this product perfect for the reseller market, internet storefront, or special personal/company use. This product is only available from your source for wholesale electronic products direct from China - Ankaka

    Scope Body Length: 120 cm
    Lens Outer Diameter: 11.2 mm
    Cable Outer Diameter: 9 mm
    2 Adjustable White LED Lighting
    Lens: F#:2.8 View of angle:54°

    Package list:
    1 x USB Snakescope Camera
    1 x English User Manual

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