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    New Book on Music, Paris, and the Arts - Berkeley Paris Express


    by NewPianoMusic

    Berkeley-Paris Express is the colorful story of the education of a young composer (the author as a young man) who has quit popular music and begun to write his first symphony. The story recalls the influences of people and places upon him - first, that of a brilliant expressionist painter in Berkeley, California, who became his mentor, and later, that of Paris, and the Juilliard School. Available on Kindle now. Until Aug 7th, buy at this address: After Aug 7th see

    Webster Young is a published neoclassical composer who has reached his Opus 130. He was twice invited to be a candidate for directorship of the National Endowment for the Arts, and has been a music journalist for several years, writing opinion pieces for Newsday, the Intercollegiate Review, and the Catholic Herald in London.