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    Couple Starts Making Out During Court Hearing

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    by Geo Beats

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    Couple Starts Making Out During Court Hearing - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    When we think of the dramatic scenes from a courtroom that are commonly witnessed like tears, shouting and even brawls; it's hard to imagine anything would surprise seasoned judges and lawyers. Recently, however, while on trial for robbery, a bold criminal couple shocked a packed court room in Mossel Bay, South Africa when they began French kissing and grinding on each other during legal proceedings. This very-public make out session momentarily stunned court officials, causing them to separate the two love birds. The judge was definitely not amused, giving the couple additional legal charges of ‘contempt of court and public indecency’.

    In another brazen news story, a thieving couple from Sweden was caught on surveillance stealing from a local courthouse. The male and female crooks were caught on surveillance trying to break into a storage locker, and had wandered into a break room, stealing coffee, sugar and tea, before taking a toilet seat from the restroom. They were quickly arrested outside of the courthouse with police commenting, "It's been said they had been at a hearing. They clearly thought what was said was crap."