Thief Wanted Money, Ends Up Only With Mozzarella

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Thief Wanted Money, Ends Up Only With Mozzarella - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

A Florida Pizza Hut encountered an unusual theft in June of this year. A shoeless prowler was caught on a surveillance tape using a crow bar to break the front door’s glass at 2 in the morning. After entering, the crook forcibly threw the cash machine on the floor in an attempt to break it open but was unsuccessful. So, he did what any rational criminal would do; he stole some cases of mozzarella cheese from the kitchen and abruptly took off. Officers were not able to catch the bandit, and are asking for the public’s assistance with help in identifying him.

There seems to be a string of seemingly odd thefts from around the world in recent times. Last week, a Canadian thief, looking to curb his hunger, stole what he thought were two real sandwiches from a 7-Eleven convenience store. Unfortunately for the crook, his stolen “meal” turned out to be plastic store props. Earlier this summer, news media covered the story of a thief in Athens, Georgia who made off with 3 thousand dollars worth of wooden toothpicks.