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    What Really Goes On in the Olympic Village

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    by Geo Beats

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    What Really Goes On in the Olympic Village - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Olympians have to work hard to get where they are in their careers. The level of competition is very high which creates tension, tension that must be released. So while the athletes play hard on the field, they play even harder off the field in the Olympic Village party scene. More than 10 thousand of the world’s top athletes live in Olympic village during the summer games, and over 25 hundred during the winter games. It is a unique experience and players have been forthcoming about the Olympic sexual events that occur in the bedroom, or pretty much anywhere in Olympic village. Stories of multiple sex partners in a day, and orgies accompany stories of young Olympians with a distant crush finally having an intimate moment together. 2008 United States Olympic soccer goalie Hope Solo says that 70 to 75 percent of Olympians are participating in promiscuous sex.

    The last Olympics held in London back in 1948 didn’t have an Olympic Village. Athletes stayed in military barracks, college dorms, hostels, campsites, and classrooms that provided cots and little else, as the players were even asked to bring their own towels to use.