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    Dang Bad hair Day, OOPS! SWEAR WORDS, Bellingham PRIDE ETC

    GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II

    by GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II


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    Matthew, Michael and I talked a little about the big bug hitchiker from this video so we kept the windows up so no bugs, big or small, could get a free ride while we were driving to the hike ;)! did I tell you about how we had to fight off tiny Mosquitors? hehe ;) little bug flew right into my eye and Matthew was like "Ewww! I saw that come out of your eye!"..when it got itself untangled from my eyelashes of course ;)
    Very pleased to see you got some sorta annotations on this! I assume you managed to figure out that free trial editor? :) I still like the "Everyone should have a Best friend to play nice with" one the bestest, cause I am a very lucky chap indeed to have my super Best friend - You! ;) :D!!!
    By 1of3knights4 years ago