Android Eye Object Recognition App

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Dave Cote
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Computer Vision. Object Recognition. Android Eyes. Take a Picture of any Object.
Android Eyes is the first Object Recognition App. Take a picture of any object, and Android Eyes will tell you what it is.
Computer Vision. Image Recognition Technology (IRC).
Take a picture of a car... Android Eyes will tell you the make and model of the car. Take a picture of a foreign t-shirt label... Android Eyes will tell you the brand, and where the shirt is from. Take a picture of a tree... a ball... a person... the results are endless.
It works very well, particularely with vehicles, products, brands, and well-known "things":)
Software that does this is usually only available to government agencies and research facilities. I will soon release the code "open source", once it's been on the market for a bit:)
As versions are updated, the cost may go up, but for now it's FREE (amazing!)
Enjoy, and learn with it:) Ideal for visually impaired persons. Ideal for identifying vehicles or other manufactured items including computers, phones, or anything you would like a name for, a make or a model:)