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    Borat at Chapel Street in Sydney in Aust

    Bilak Sagdiyev

    Bilak Sagdiyev

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    Borat go to minor land of Australia to Sydney and go to Chapel Street!

    Borat very happy to be there. He give many high five and very many hugs.
    Borat say he like people very much in Australia!

    He say g'day mates, put another crustacean on barbecue?

    Borat want everyone to know that it is great honour to be in Australia. This is Borat last stop of tour around the world to promote the movie film.
    Borat has been in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam. Which is a very surprise. Because red light district in Kazakhstan is a very small area in town where women are not prostitutes.

    During the movie film if you need make shit there is gypsy boy standing with a cardboard box. Borat advise to go early.

    Also at the end of the movie don't forget to hand in the tickets so you can collect your wifes.

    Please, Borat hope you enjoy this film very much. It already begin celebrations in Kazakhstan. Last night the government release five thousand white doves in the air so the young children could shoot them down with the kalashnikovs.
    The children also given a day off work which mean that all factories where closed down. But not a problem.

    Borat know that he see a jew outside the cinema and say that must be careful.

    Borat invite everyone to his hotel room. Will drink vodka, wrestle no clothes and shoot dog from the window.

    I love you. I like you very much. I love sex! Please enjoy film!

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