How to Convert any 2D 3D Movie Video to NINTENDO 3Ds format | HD tutorial 3D Free Glasses

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This is a quick little GUI tool converts any 3D videos for 3DS.
OK, having updated your 3DS no doubt you'll want to watch videos on it in 3D. So, here's how
The 3DS video format is a simple avi with two mjpeg video streams and a single ima adpcm audio stream, with a resolution of 480x240. You can convert to it with the following instructions on

1. Donwload for free the Open SOurce software
2. Drop the 2D / 3D movie
3. convert progessing....
4. Done
5. Insert on your SD card
6. Have fun

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spinal - figuring out the conversion
amzg - fixing several bugs, GUI rewrite, working on progress bars
BelowZero - getting progress bars working
Styple - fixing bugs
xxNathanxx - suggesting bug fix
Guy.brush - suggesting bug fix
Everyone behind FFMPEG and AutoHotKey for making great and easy to use tools
You, for testing and possibly putting up with broken versions

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