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    Wool Rug Cleaning Pinewood


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    Wool Rug Cleaning Pinewood

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    Weavers in Karagos use Persian knots. The number of knots varies between 120 KPSI to 842 KPSI. Pile is made very tight with soft and high quality wool. Warp is mostly of silk whereas weft is either of silk or of wool. Most of master Karagos workshops have wraps of silk. However, you can also find cotton warp in ancient Karagos rugs.

    These rugs often have ivory backgrounds with rose, indigo and blue motifs. They come in also all sizes but most of them are mid-sized i.e. from 4x6 to 8x10 feet. However, you can also find outsized rugs up to 10x18 feet.

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