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    Alien Secx Rehab It's Only entertainment


    by Aliensecxrehab

    Track 2wo: It's Only Entertainment
    Second Installment from the Conquest of the 4th Dimension. Time has past and all belong to pHaramtron with the exception of charismatic King Gyspy and his band of Cosmic Misfits… Alien Secx Rehab, Last of the Free. Traveling from planet to planet broadcasting underground shows. ASR grows in number of rehab patients. Once viewed as a small irritation for pHarmatron pHarmaceuticals. pHred now views ASR as a cancer that must be cut out.
    Excerpt from Songs from the 4th Dimension

    We are Alien Secx Rehab and It's Only Entertainment... With King Gypsy, Rahxxxy Feathers and Mr Bofazen the Illien bringing you Post Apocalyptic Punk.
    The King of Rock Hop has Landed.