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    Marijuana Tunnel Found in Tijuana


    by NTDTelevision

    Tons of marijuana discovered in Mexico
    The Mexican Army discovered a drug smuggling tunnel leading from Tijuana into California, the second such discovery in 24 hours. Deborah Gembara reports.

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    Tons of marijuana. The Mexican army discovered the drugs inside a smuggling tunnel between Tijuana and leading into California. It's the second passageway authorities have uncovered in the past 24 hours.

    The tunnel's entrance --- hidden inside this factory in the Garita de Otay section of the city. From there, it runs 200 yards towards a San Diego warehouse district.
    General Gilberto Landeros Briseno.
    "It is 10 meters underground, is about a meters wide, is about 1.7 metros tall, and is approximately 350 metros in length, 250 of which are in Mexican territory and 100 metros on American territory."
    He says soldiers seized an estimated 40 tons of marijuana.

    "We managed to secure four moving-type vans carrying marijuana. We also have a trailer that contains marijuana, and we have detained three suspects."
    Earlier in the day, another tunnel --- still under construction, was discovered nearby.

    In the past decade, authorities have discovered 50 tunnels in to California and 89 into Arizona.