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    Land Acquisition in China More Violent: Group


    by NTDTelevision

    Land Acquisition in China More Violent: Group
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    Violent land acquisitions in China are on the rise, according to rights group Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch.

    The Web-based group began monitoring land grabs in late 2011. It reported on Wednesday that there have been increasing accounts of violent rights abuses by authorities during home demolitions and evictions.

    [Liu Feiyue, Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch]:
    "In general, after a resident's home is demolished by force the matter is not resolved properly, and that's why we see so many petitioners resulting from evictions and land acquisitions. Overall, violent rights abuse continues, and is getting worse."

    The Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch says that in the first half of this year, at least ten cases of forced evictions or land acquisitions around the country resulted in death. Many occur when residents resist authorities' actions.

    Measures used in forced evictions and acquisitions include cutting off water and electricity supplies, and beatings from hired thugs.

    Liu Feiyue from the rights group, believes these rights abuses result from a system where bureaucratic power is easily abused.

    [Liu Feiyue, Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch]:
    "Particularly when larger interests are at stake, government officials can easily use their power to compete and fight against the public for wealth. This dictatorship system that lacks respect for human rights and the rule of law is the real cause of this issue."

    Forced home demolitions and evictions have become a widespread social problem in China. Local governments see land development as an easy way to boost economic development, and often bypass legal procedures and compensation rules to acquire land.
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